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Acts Retirement Blog

The Acts retirement community and senior living blog features advice, tips, and information for community residents and those considering moving to an Acts community. You’ll also find posts highlighting our various communities. Start exploring our retirement blog posts below:

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    Fit for Life: Happy Sleep

    The health and mental benefits of getting enough good sleep are immense. Learn which changes you can make during the day to get the sleep you need at night.

  • BLOG_Tips-To-Stop-Overeating_listing-img.png

    Fit for Life: Tips to Stop Overeating

    While most of us overeat from time to time, doing so excessively can have consequences on your health. Here are some tips to keep your eating habits on track.

  • BLOG_Exercise-Benefits-for-Older-Adults_listing-img.png

    Fit for Life: Exercise Benefits for Older Adults

    Most of us want to actively age and live a healthy life. Here are a few important findings by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) on exercise benefits for older adults.

  • BLOG_Recovering-from-the-Holidays_listing-img.png

    Fit for Life: Recovering from the Holidays

    New year’s exercise resolutions are often broken by February due to burnout. Here's some tips to help you keep your resolution as you recover from the holidays.

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    Staying Active After Retirement

    How can seniors stay active after retirement? Read our expert tips and advice on what you can do to remain active and make the most out of your retirement.

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    How Do You Stay Healthy After Retirement?

    What is the secret to staying healthy after your retirement? Read our expert tips and advice on have a healthy physically active and satisfying retirement.