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Assisted Living & Skilled Nursing Facility in Boca Raton, FL

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Edgewater at Boca Pointe is a retirement community with top-notch assisted living and skilled nursing facilities that deliver expert health services to both residents and non-residents on a sprawling 30-acre campus in Boca Raton, Florida. For those in the Boca Raton area who require a higher level of care, Edgewater at Boca Pointe offers specialized care 24/7.

With high quality rankings from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Treatments (CMS), Edgewater at Boca Pointe has an accredited assisted living and skilled nursing facility. Many choose to bring their loved ones to Edgewater for expert assisted living and specialized memory care services.

Experience the highest quality customized care, 24/7 monitoring, and personalized care plans tailored to your needs. The extensive amenities at Edgewater include private suites, full baths, walk-in showers, abundant natural lighting, daily housekeeping, and much more.

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What is Assisted Living Care?

Assisted living facilities provide customized care to people with various medical and personal care needs in a residential setting. Assisted living is often a great option for seniors who are somewhat self-sufficient but could benefit from help with everyday activities.

What is Skilled Nursing Care?

A skilled nursing facility is designed for people who require more extensive medical treatment. Skilled nursing care is provided by licensed health professionals in a medical setting with the goal of rehabilitating the patient so they can return to assisted or even independent living.

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Person-centered Care at Edgewater at Boca Pointe

At Edgewater at Boca Pointe, residents and families play a crucial role in decisions about their long-term care. Known as the Acts Signature Care experience, we make certain that all residents and families remain involved in all care decisions.

  • Unlike other assisted living and skilled nursing facilities that provide care on a set schedule, Edgewater at Boca Pointe offers more individualized care and flexibility.
  • Our senior health care professionals work with residents and families to determine mealtimes, bedtimes, wake-up times, bathing times, and medication deliveries.
  • The modern social spaces at Edgewater at Boca Pointe are designed to be welcoming and comfortable. Socialization is encouraged in our living room and recreation areas.
  • We serve meals in beautiful dining rooms, unlike other assisted living facilities that serve meals on bedside trays.
  • Our memory care neighborhoods are designed to support brain health for those who experience cognitive changes as a result of dementia.

Boca Raton Assisted Living Benefits

Edgewater’s assisted living program in Boca Raton, FL provides exceptional quality care, daily activities, and comfort to residents while providing families with security and peace of mind.

Edgewater at Boca Pointe assisted living services include:

  • Comfortable private suites with cable TV, a private bath, and a customizable emergency call system.
  • 3 healthy and appetizing meals a day as well as snacks throughout the day and night.
  • A trained and skilled staff readily accessible 24/7.
  • An advanced activity program that encourages community involvement and socialization.
  • Programs designed for seniors to promote both physical and mental health.

Boca Raton Skilled Nursing Benefits

Edgewater’s skilled nursing facility in Boca Raton, FL offers both short- and long-term care to residents and non-residents alike.

Edgewater at Boca Pointe skilled nursing care includes:

  • A customized medical rehabilitation program designed for individual patients. Physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy are just a few examples of our licensed services.
  • Private and semi-private accommodations through our individually-tailored plan of care.
  • A compassionate and reliable nurse staff available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • A stimulating activity program that fosters positive interactions and socialization.
  • Modern fitness and brain health programs to maintain healthy lifestyle habits.

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Other Senior Health Services 


The rehabilitation services at Edgewater at Boca Pointe seeks to improve a patient’s health in a short-term or outpatient setting.

Our rehabilitation services provide:

  • Occupational and physical therapy to promote mobility, functional ability, and confidence to reduce the risk of falling.
  • Speech therapy to help with speech, swallowing, or cognitive problems.
  • Programs to help patients who have had joint replacement or orthopedic surgery to regain function.
  • Programs to manage complex diseases, neurological disorders, chronic pain, and balance issues.
  • Expert assistance for people with dementia.

Supporting Brain Health

Edgewater at Boca Pointe specializes in brain health support. Our assisted living and skilled nursing facilities work to reduce the risk of dementia while also providing world-class care to patients with dementia. We help our patients maintain their independence and quality of life, while providing their families with peace of mind.

Learn About THRIVE For Better Health!

THRIVE stands for Therapy Helping Residents with Independence and Vitality Effectively, which is a special rehabilitation program that has proven to be hugely beneficial to residents across Acts. Find out more about THRIVE by watching the video below.

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