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Acts Retirement Blog

The Acts retirement community and senior living blog features advice, tips, and information for community residents and those considering moving to an Acts community. You’ll also find posts highlighting our various communities. Start exploring our retirement blog posts below:

  • BLOG_Nutritious-Colors_listing-img.png

    Fit for Life: Nutritious Colors

    An excellent way to find nutritious foods is to look for the colors. Here are a few colors that will brighten up your plate and help your body stay well.

  • BLOG_Find-Your-Happiness_listing-img.png

    Fit for Life: Find Your Happiness

    During these difficult times of physical distancing, it remains as critical as ever to find happiness. Here are some tips to boost your mood while keeping yourself and others safe.

  • BLOG_is-alabama-a-good-state-to-retire-in_listing-img.png

    Is Alabama a Good State to Retire In?

    Are you considering moving to Alabama for retirement? Here are five reasons why the Heart of Dixie should be a top of your retirement destination list!

  • 25 Ways To Stay At Home_Listings-thumbnail.png

    Infographic: 25 Ways to Have Fun at Home

    In today’s world, where physical distancing and staying home are becoming the norm, it has people wondering, “What do I do now?” Acts has put together a list of 25 fun things you can do at home. Explore the list here!

  • BLOG_Dont-Give-Up-Your-Exercise-Routine_listing-img.png

    Don’t Give Up Your Exercise Routine

    Are recent events causing disruptions in your exercise routine? Our article explores ways you can continue exercising while remaining safe.

  • BLOG_Foregiveness-is-Good-for-Your-Health_listing-img.png

    Fit for Life: Forgiveness is Good for Your Health

    Studies have shown that asking forgiveness includes both mental as well as physical benefits. Here's a nine-step process you can follow when seeking forgiveness.