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Assisted Living & Skilled Nursing Care in Hockessin, Delaware

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Do you, your partner, or a loved one require more assistance? Are you looking into assisted living or skilled nursing care? Cokesbury Village is a great place to start. Residents of Hockessin and the surrounding area can take advantage of premium health services at this Continuing Care Retirement Community. While Cokesbury Village has always provided exceptional care to its residents, this well-known retirement community now offers such services to non-residents as well.  

We strive to provide the best personalized assistance with daily tasks and activities, as well as therapy and 24-hour nursing care. We don't just offer traditional assisted living services to the Hockessin community — we also offer specialized memory care services that have received top ratings from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).  

Do you need any more reassuring that Cokesbury Village is Hockessin's best assisted living and skilled nursing care facility? How about private suites with walk-in showers, full bathrooms, linen service, and available daily housekeeping? Or individually-tailored care plans to meet a patient's specific requirements? What about personalized care and round-the-clock monitoring? If that’s not enough, continue reading to learn even more about how Cokesbury Village and Acts Retirement-Life Communities can assist you or someone you care about. 


What is Assisted Living Care?

Assisted living can provide individualized, on-demand assistance with daily tasks and activities. The goal is to provide specialized, professional care in a friendly, open, and safe environment. Delaware residents who want to maintain their freedom but need help with bathing, dressing, keeping track of prescription medications, and other daily activities should consider assisted living. 


What is Skilled Nursing Care?

If you or a loved one require more advanced medical care, skilled nursing may be an option to consider. This type of treatment, which is provided by a licensed healthcare provider, is usually only temporary. The goal is to help the patient rehabilitate and return to a residential setting. 


Do you have questions about which service is best for you or a loved one? To learn more about assisted living, skilled nursing, and general senior health services, please contact us at any time. We are available 24/7. Call: 302-235-6000

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Person-centered Care at Cokesbury Village

Interested in learning more about Cokesbury Village's level of personalized care? If you ask a resident or their family about the Acts Signature Care Experience, they will tell you everything you need to know. Our skilled staff provides the patient and their loved ones with one-of-a-kind, individualized long-term care based on their preferences. Our mission is to provide comfort, care, and peace of mind to those we serve. This entails the following:

  • Unlike facilities that provide care on a predetermined schedule, our Hockessin assisted living and skilled nursing facility offers more personalized care and flexibility. Memory care neighborhoods for supporting brain health are also available in these areas. 
  • Our expert team can help decide mealtimes, bedtimes, and wake-up times. Patients can choose when and how they bathe, as well as have medications dispensed according to their daily schedules. 
  • Our relaxing and inviting facility provides countless opportunities for meaningful interaction and socialization. 
  • Meals are served in beautiful dining rooms (rather than on side trays). Residents will have more possibilities to be engaged and happy. 


Assisted Living Benefits Available in Hockessin

As a premier Hockessin, Delaware assisted living residence, Cokesbury Village provides attentive, personalized assistance with daily activities. The following are examples of services: 

  • Comfortable suites with a private bath, cable television, and an emergency call system 
  • Every day, three nutritionally balanced meals are served, as well as healthy and delicious snacks available at all times of the day and night 
  • Professional staff available 24 hours a day, seven days a week 
  • A full calendar of activities that encourage meaningful interaction and socialization 
  • Fitness and brain health programs 

Skilled Nursing Benefits in Hockessin

Cokesbury Village senior skilled nursing care is available for as long as you need it. 

Benefits include:

  • Licensed physical, speech, and occupational therapists provide rehabilitation and restorative services to help residents with their needs 
  • Fitness and brain health programs 
  • A program of activities offering meaningful engagement and socialization 
  • Personalized private and semi-private accommodations 
  • Consistent, 24/7 nurse staff who get to know the seniors on a more personalized basis 

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Other Senior Health Services 


Patients can benefit from short-term or outpatient rehabilitation services to improve their healthcare function. 

How rehabilitation services can help: 

  • All programs offer expertise for individuals with dementia. 
  • Other rehab programs manage neurologically-based disorders, chronic pain, complex diseases, and balance issues. 
  • Speech therapy helps with swallowing disorders, speech, and cognitive difficulties. 
  • We restore function for individuals who’ve had joint replacement or orthopedic surgery or have arthritis. 
  • Physical and occupational therapy can increase resident mobility, as well as functional capability and confidence, plus reduces the risk of falls. 

Supporting Brain Health

Cokesbury Village professionals assist seniors by reducing dementia risk, promoting overall brain health, and providing services to those who are experiencing cognitive changes because of dementia. Our staff also assists patients in maintaining their independence and health, which can boost their self-esteem, happiness, and peace of mind. 

Learn About THRIVE For Better Health!

THRIVE (Therapy Helping Residents with Independence and Vitality Effectively) screenings have benefited many residents across Acts. The core program of the Acts Rehabilitation Department is this special program. To find out more, watch the video below. 

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