Beverly and Bob Brunson are proving age has nothing to do with true love.

"She wanted to get married, but she didn't know to whom," says Bob.

Both widowed, the couple's romance began in 2006 at Tryon Estates in Columbus, NC.

"We sort of saw each other off-and-on for two years and then we decided to get married," says Beverly.

She was 75 and Bob was 88 when they said 'I Do.'

"Nobody knew that we were going to get married until he put a notice up on the bulletin board," recalls Beverly.

The pair quickly merged their belongings into one apartment. However, they share so much more now.

"She supports me, she loves me and she lets me know it," says Bob. "Those are very important things."

Beverly is 80-years-old and Bob will turn 93 this spring.

"I am very proud of him. He exercises 3 days-a-week for an hour."

They have no regrets; instead the couple is thankful for the time they've shared together.