Residents of Edgewater at Boca Pointe are eagerly preparing for one of the most cherished events on their calendar – the Passover Seder. Among the dedicated individuals ensuring the success of this annual tradition is Diane Hoeflich, a resident who is proud to call Edgewater at Boca Pointe, an Acts Retirement-Life Community, her home.

Diane and her late husband Joe made the decision to move six years ago, to accommodate his evolving healthcare needs while maintaining the familiarity of their cherished Boca Pointe neighborhood.

"We looked everywhere but the best place was right here," Diane said, "We could keep our same doctors, pharmacy, cleaners, hairdresser, manicures, you name it, everything was there.”

It also didn’t take long for Diane to fit in with her new neighbors and join in the many activities on campus.

“We met some wonderful people," she said. “We played a lot of bridge and canasta. Then unfortunately, a year and a half after moving, my husband passed away.”

Amid the joys of newfound friendships, Diane faced the profound loss of her husband. She found some solace immersing herself into community life and eventually became chair of the Ritual Committee.

A Beacon of Faith and Community Engagement

On Edgewater’s Ritual Committee, Diane enjoys practicing her faith with like-minded friends, and coordinating the community’s annual Passover Seder.

"We celebrate every Jewish holiday and hold Sabbath services the first and third Friday of every month," Diane said with pride, and highlighted the importance of these gatherings in nurturing shared values. "It's important to me to celebrate our values, and that's what we're doing.”

Diane's unwavering faith served as a guiding light particularly in moments of adversity.

"My faith has defined me to who I am today and made me a better person," she reflected.

Through her active involvement in religious activities and community outreach, Diane embodies the spirit of compassion and inclusivity that defines Edgewater at Boca Pointe.

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Peace of Mind and Well-being

For Diane, the decision to embrace life at Edgewater represents more than just a practical choice; it came with peace of mind for the future. Edgewater offers independent living, assisted living and skilled care, all conveniently located on the same campus at a predictable monthly fee that does not change solely on needing more care.

"I feel safe here," Diane said. “In any emergency, if you have an accident or in the middle of the night, you become ill. All you have to do is press a button and there's somebody there to help.

Reflecting on her husband's final days, Diane recalls the compassionate care provided by the community.

“It’s worth the investment, certainly was worth it to me when I moved here with my husband and he became ill,” she said. “He spent six weeks in hospice and the staff at Edgewater was wonderful.”

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A Home Where Community Thrives

"Move in when you're young," Diane urged, emphasizing the abundance of enriching activities and supportive resources available to residents.

At Edgewater, Diane has found not only a residence but a place of belonging.

"Edgewater is a very friendly community," she said. “If you move in earlier when you are younger, there's so many activities. And I'm lucky in one respect, I’m healthy, many people don't have this.”

With Passover approaching, Edgewater is grateful for individuals like Diane Hoeflich, who dedicate time and heart to making the retirement community a special place to share in wonderful traditions among friends and family.

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