When Janet Kaplan and her husband first retired, they followed the dream of many by relocating to sunny Sarasota, Florida. However, after 12 years, they discovered it did not live up to their expectations of a perfect retirement.

Seeking a more active lifestyle, along with the added benefits of comprehensive healthcare and financial security for the future, they decided it was time for “another retirement.”

“We lived in Florida, but our children lived up here,” Kaplan said. “When we visited The Evergreens, I knew it was time for us to make a change.”

The Kaplans were intrigued by the ability to plan ahead for future healthcare expenses, and enjoy an active, vibrant senior community with so many amenities at their fingertips. Add in a robust social calendar with activities and events to fit many interests, it was the perfect move for a more relaxed, enjoyable and flexible lifestyle.

“I was excited it would be a whole new way of living, but my husband was a little apprehensive at first,” she admitted. “And when he got here, it was wonderful! He joined the men's club, the men's book club, all of these things and he's really enjoying himself.”

She added, “I'm a changed person too, in a lot of ways.”

“I was very, to myself, and now I have a lot of different hobbies,” she said. “Meeting so many different people here, with different backgrounds, it's fun, and we laugh a lot.”

Life at The Evergreens resembles a close-knit town, where residents feel a strong sense of belonging and camaraderie.

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“It's like a little town, and it's very comforting,” Kaplan said. “You feel like everybody's your family. You feel like family here, including the staff. They’re wonderful and very helpful, always laughing with you; they get to know you.”

Kaplan also maintains a healthy, active lifestyle with the amenities on campus.

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“We have wonderful exercise classes and a beautiful swimming pool,” she said. These activities not only promote physical well-being but also encourage social interaction and personal growth.

Being close to family also makes the decision an easy one.

“My children are very happy that we're here. It gives them peace of mind just as it gives us peace of mind,” she said. “They are happy to see that we are very happy here.”

Janet's advice to those considering a move to The Evergreens: “Get to it and go forward!”

"I've learned new things, met new friends, and love it here,” she said. “This is home.”

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