Barbara Green and her husband had envisioned living in a continuing care retirement community in their future, but little did they know how quickly they’d move to one and how the transition would surpass all their expectations! The moment they first stepped into a three-bedroom residence at Brittany Pointe Estates, they knew - this is it.

“Our parents had both lived in continuing care retirement communities, and we witnessed first-hand the great care they received,” Barbara said. The Greens were familiar with Acts for more than 50 years, having lived in the northeast area with many Acts communities nearby.

The Magic Moment

In their early 70s, the Greens had just started touring retirement communities and weren’t in a rush to relocate, but Brittany Pointe Estates offered a 3-bedroom floorplan they fell in love with on the spot.

“We walked in, and it was just what we wanted.” The east-facing apartment promised sunlit mornings, ample space, a relaxing view, and without hesitation, they decided in the parking lot that first day, “That’s where we’re going to live.”

The move went far quicker than anticipated yet seamless. Barbara said, “We sold our house in a week, moved in here and never looked back.”

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Now, nine years later, Barbara reflects on the decision and the couple’s happiness to be part of a vibrant community with a plethora of activities, enabling them to utilize their talents and forge lasting friendships.

“It was the perfect time to come,” she said. “We've been able to take advantage of all the many activities that we can do here and use our talents in many different ways.”

Harmonious Friendships

Barbara’s passion for music found a new stage at Brittany Pointe Estates.

“I was a music teacher and a music director in my church for over 50 years. So I was glad to hear that they had a very active music program here,” she said, thrilled with the opportunity to continue indulging in her love for performance, accompanying resident shows and the campus chorus group.

“It was a pretty easy move, and it really was beyond our expectations,” Barbara said. “Everyone was so helpful and we made friends very quickly. People invite you to dinner, to lunch, and it's been a great experience.”

“It's very easy to feel the warmth and love of the people here,” she added. “Because if you have any kind of an issue or illness, your husband, your spouse or yourself, people are very caring and you never feel alone.”

The Gift of Peace of Mind

The CCRC model offers the Greens comfort knowing they will remain close even if their care needs diverge.

“One of the things that drew us to a continuing care retirement community is the fact that if one of us should get ill, and moves to a different level of care, the other one of us can still stay in our home where we are now,” Barbara said. “We’d be within five minutes of each other, so it’s reassuring to know that that will always be together.”

She also believes the engaging, social aspects of living at Brittany Pointe Estates, coupled with escaping the stress and burden of home ownership, leads to better quality years ahead.

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“My parents and my husband's mother all lived well into their mid-nineties and had spent up to 20 years in a CCRC,” Barbara said. “It was wonderful to see them have a life with friends, and we knew that's what we wanted to do. Our children are very happy that we're here, too.”

And the Greens love to visit with and entertain their children and grandchildren in their Brittany Pointe home, just as they did before.

“We enjoy being able to still entertain family and friends in our apartment and can have up to 12 people for dinner, special events, Christmas or a holiday,” she said. “Our children will come and we'll sit around the table and laugh, just as we did in our home.”

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