Residents of Country House in Wilmington, Delaware, enjoyed a two-hour nature walk through beautiful Coverdale Farm lead by a very special tour guide, resident Nancy Frederick.

Nancy Greenewalt Frederick is the oldest daughter of Crawford Greenewalt, a chemical engineer who worked on the Manhattan Project and later become president of the DuPont Company. She grew up on the 377-acre Coverdale Farm Preserve before her father, Crawford Greenewalt gifted 110 acres to the Delaware Nature Society. Later, when Nancy and her late husband moved to Country House, they donated the majority of their open land to the Society, extending Coverdale Farm Preserve to 377 acres!

The majority of Coverdale Farm's rolling countryside is managed as a nature preserve, while 177-acres is an active farm featuring both vegetable production and livestock. Residents enjoyed a walking tour of the beautiful grounds, and could also visit the market for farm fresh produce.

Nancy Frederick recently received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Delaware Nature Society for her years of service and dedication.