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Acts Retirement Blog

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    Should I Sell My Home During a Recession?

    Are you looking to sell your home to transition into a senior living community? Consider these factors and benefits when selling your home during a recession.

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    Fit for Life: Improve Your Health with Laughter

    One of the easiest ways to improve our health is to laugh. When was the last time you had a good laugh? Here are a few physiological benefits from laughter.

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    Fit for Life: Are You Flexible?

    Staying mobile and stretching frequently has both short- and long-term health advantages. Here we provide you with an easy, five-step stretching routine you can fit into your schedule.

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    How to Prepare for a Recession if You Are Retired

    Retirees may be better positioned financially during a recession than the younger workforce. Here are some steps to prepare for a recession if you are retired.

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    25 MORE Fun Things to Do at Home

    Right now, staying home is good for our health and the health of our communities. But even though we’re physically distanced from others, it’s still important to enjoy life. Here you’ll find 25 MORE fun things to do at home!

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    Fit for Life: Nutritious Colors

    An excellent way to find nutritious foods is to look for the colors. Here are a few colors that will brighten up your plate and help your body stay well.