Acts Legacy Foundation

The Acts Samaritan Fund 

Throughout our Acts family of caring communities, the commitment to assuring peace of mind is inherent in our culture of loving-kindness. There are times when a resident may find themselves, through no fault of their own, needing help to meet their financial obligations. This is when the benevolent resident assistance funds of Acts Legacy Foundation are there to help.

These funds are the priority of Acts Legacy Foundation. Known by different names in different Acts communities - the Samaritan, Heritage and Benevolence Funds - their sole purpose is to assure peace of mind for all Acts residents. Communities rise to the commitment with donations to assure that adequate funds are available to their neighbors in need of this assistance. The Acts Samaritan Fund, one of the Acts Legacy Foundation's Family of Charitable Funds, is there to step in to help all "neighbors in spirit" when a community's fund balance does not meet their specific benevolent resident assistance financial need.

Please, in the spirit of loving-kindness, support the Acts Samaritan Fund or the Samaritan, Benevolence or Heritage Fund in your chosen community. 

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