Acts Legacy Foundation

Who We Are

Acts Legacy Foundation is the essential means to further the culture of giving that exists within each Acts Community. Acts Legacy Foundation administers the solicitation, receipt and stewardship of charitable gifts, assuring that community needs are continually met and services are provided in keeping with the mission. The cornerstone commitment to resident care, that of bolstering security as a resident’s resources may dwindle, remains a priority through the benevolent care funds of Acts Legacy Foundation - the Samaritan, Benevolence and Heritage Funds. 

The Family of Charitable Funds

Foundation programs include administration of the benevolent care funds, employee catastrophic funds, community scholarship programs, special care memory support and hospice funds, and community spiritual emphasis programs. Visit the Family of Charitable Funds page for more information.

Every Gift Makes A Difference

When you make a gift to Acts Legacy Foundation for benevolent care or program needs, your gift benefits the community and program of your choice. There are many Ways to Give. Please contact the Foundation to learn more.