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Acts Legacy Foundation

Acts Samaritan Fund 

Residents of Acts communities often express feeling fortunate for the beautiful places they call home and the wonderful people who are their neighbors. In every community, people help each other every day, from simple favors to remarkable acts of loving-kindness offered when needed most. Nowhere is this generous spirit more powerfully demonstrated than through the Acts Samaritan Fund, created and supported to help neighbors in financial need. 

There are times when a resident may find themselves, through no fault of their own, needing help to meet their financial obligations. This is when the Acts Samaritan Fund and community specific Samaritan Funds, known as the resident benevolent assistance fund of Acts Legacy Foundation, are there to help.

Each year, the Samaritan Fund helps members of the Acts family in every Acts community, ensuring them the security to stay in the homes they've come to love. And every year, generous donors join forces to guarantee the Fund's future success through their generosity. We hope you will join in making the Acts Samaritan Fund a priority in giving considerations.

Please, in the spirit of loving-kindness, support the Acts Samaritan Fund or the resident benevolent assistance fund in your chosen community. 

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