Living in an active, vibrant Acts Retirement-Life Community helps older adults live their best life for years to come. Sharon Kauffman, whose parents reside at Edgewater at Boca Pointe in Boca Raton, Florida, speaks passionately about her happiness and relief that her parents are well cared for and thriving!

“This is their best life," Kauffman said. "They are so busy between the chair volleyball and the chair yoga, and the guys go out for lunch and there's a book club and there's numerous mahjong games and canasta and other card games. They just are thriving."

Their calendar is full of meaningful engagements, dinner plans, social outings, and stimulating activities to create a rich and fulfilling life. “They've got dinner plans every night. They eat with different friends on different nights,” Kauffman shares.

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Living at a continuing care retirement community (CCRC) not only fosters an environment ripe for socialization but also prioritizes safety and convenience. Kauffman highlights the peace of mind that comes from the provided transportation services and the sense of security knowing her parents are engaged and supported. “I don't have to worry about how they're going to get to someplace, how they're going to get back,” she added. "They've gone on overnight trips, too."

A CCRC, as Kauffman eloquently portrays, isn't merely a place to reside; it's a catalyst for an active, fulfilling lifestyle. The array of activities and the sense of camaraderie enables older adults to explore newfound passions and relationships.

“I think that's the greatest gift that a parent can give to a child, is to say, I'm safe, I'm taking care of. I'm where I want to be,” Kauffman said.

“It's scary as an adult child. Educate yourself, find out what it's about, find out what your parent's needs are, find out what their wishes are,” she added, encouraging others to empower their parents to also live out their best years in an environment that fosters growth, connection, and vitality.

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“Mom and dad sound so relaxed now. They play cards a couple of nights a week... I know there's doctors appointments sprinkled in between, but knowing they are safe and happy, just makes my heart happy."

She also emphasized that living in a community with others around their age and going through similar life challenges provides additional comfort and support.

“It's all just kind of a special bond of the things that they go through as we start to age that as an adult child, I start to see. But I'm too young to know all that's going on. So to have each other as that support system is just wonderful," she said.

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Kauffman was surprised at first, when her parents told her about their decision to move to an Acts community, but when she learned more about CCRCs and how they can remain active and engaged, she was very excited.

“I had no idea what a CCRC was," Kauffman said. "I knew when people got older, they went to a nursing home, but I always associated that with people being more sickly. My parents are young enough and and vibrant enough that they still can go and do things.”

“It just it can't describe the happiness that I feel," she shared, "It's an incredible life that they've got."

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