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    Fit for Life: Muscle Facts

    Your muscles are not only used for exercise but also for breathing and digestion. Learn more about the importance of keeping your muscles healthy and strong.

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    Pros and Cons of Aging in Place

    What are the pros and cons of aging in place? Are there advantages and disadvantages to staying in your home for retirement? Learn more about retirement now.

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    Fit for Life: Exercise Related Headaches

    Do you get a headache after exercising? Here are some helpful tips to help reduce your chances of getting an exercise-related headache.

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    Fit for Life: Portion Control

    Controlling how much you eat can be just as important as what you eat. In this article we offer some tips on food portion control and how to eat healthy.

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    Fit for Life: Rid the Neck Pain

    Physical pain is inevitable but there are actions to help relieve some of this pain before it even starts. Learn what you can do to help relieve neck pain.

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    Things You Never Knew About Retiring in Pennsylvania

    Pennsylvania offers a diversity of landscape and rich history that simply can't be matched anywhere else. Read about things you never knew about retiring in PA.