Dieticians say the benefits of healthy eating are obvious.

It keeps older adults mentally sharp, increases their resistance to sickness and disease and helps them recuperate faster.

At the Lima Estates retirement home in Media, there's a community dietician who ensures that residents get nutritious, handmade meals that are made mostly from scratch.

"Nutrition is important for everyone," said Registered Dietician and Licensed Nutritionist Christine Savidge, "but especially for seniors, because they need to fit more nutrients into fewer calories."

The home has three restaurants and chefs who balance comfort foods with healthier options.

"The dried fruit we're using today is raisins," said Executive Chef Patrick Kenney. "We definitely try to educate the residents on what they're eating, what they're putting in their body."

The foodies at Lima Estates appreciate it.

"I know it's healthy, and I like the way Patrick's done it," said Lima Estates resident Jane Schock.