Lisa Thomas-Laury says spring is the perfect time to try a fresh take on an old workout: bicycling.

We're talking about bicycling and a group that calls itself "Old Spokes." They are seniors who meet at Normandy Farms Estates in Blue Bell to ride, even though some haven't been on a bike since they were teenagers.

Barbara Frazier from Blue Bell, Pennsylvania says, "It's absolutely the best exercise, and I love to exercise."

"We have such a good time, not only biking, but socializing," added Polly Bromm from Blue Bell.

Management at the farm has provided the "Old Spokes" with a bike barn and the group is always looking to recruit and nurture "newbies."

Pete Torello from Blue Bell says, "We started out with, oh, maybe a half dozen people, and now it's grown to about 25 people."

"We thought we were coming here to die, but we came here to live! I'm doing things I haven't done since I was a kid," said Jules Polsky of Blue Bell.

The "Old Spokes" pedal far and wide, along the Jersey canals and in Valley Forge.

"It's not about the bike. It's about our social relationships, and our support of each other," said Torello.