Talbot Spy featured Bayleigh Chase as the Mid-Shore's premier retirement community and interviewed its Executive Director George Clemes about recent renovations and the community’s unique approach to retirement, health, and spiritual life. 

Residents who live at Bayleigh Chase, an Acts Retirement-Life Community in Easton, Maryland, prearrange their healthcare, paying one predictable rate that does not change solely on the level of care.

"Our niche, the Acts niche, is a life care contract. We offer a lifestyle for independent residents and if they want other levels of care, if needed, it's right here on the same campus," Clemes told the Talbot Spy Senior Nation.

"If I needed assisted living which is normally like $7,000 a month, I'm not going to pay the $7,000 a month rate.... or $9,000-$10,000 for skilled nursing. I would pay the independent living rate which is say, $2,500 a month," Clemes said. "With a life care contract, the cost does not increase with a higher level of care." 

"The people who come to Bayleigh Chase are the people who are interested in living an active lifestyle. We believe in lifelong learning and a holistic approach to wellbeing," Clemes said, "That includes your spiritual life, your physical, fitness life, your intellectual life, we try to have resources and outlets for all those things."

Watch the video below for Executive Director George Clemes full interview with the Talbot Spy.

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