Diane Brown’s journey to an Acts community was unexpectedly expedited after the sudden passing of her husband. 

“I was very impressed with the community, thinking that it was going to be far in my future, and then my husband died," said Diane, who visited Buckingham's Choice just before the onset of COVID-19.

The immediate support and sense of belonging Diane found at Acts were instrumental in navigating this difficult, emotionally challenging time. 

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“They really helped her with process," said Diane's daughter, Lauren Sileo. "I was just so excited for her to move here because I knew she would instantly feel the sense of community. The people are so friendly, kind, and giving of themselves.”

Within weeks of settling in, Diane embraced her new environment, forming connections and engaging in various activities. “She made so many friends so quickly. It was impressive,” said Lauren’s husband, Mark Sheehan.

Her new community not only fostered social connections but also offered a safety net. Lauren recounted an instance when her mother had surgery, highlighting the support from neighbors and Acts alike. “All her neighbors stepped up, and Acts totally stepped up... They delivered her food and whatever she needed. They were so helpful,” she said.

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For Diane, it also meant the gift of peace of mind for her children. “They don't have to worry about me,” she said. “If I get sick, I can get instantaneous help. If I need a light bulb changed on the ceiling, they do that for us!"

Beyond the care aspect, the location of Buckingham's Choice in Adamstown, Maryland, made it a perfect place to thrive. “We're surrounded by mountains, beautiful sunsets, and it's such a safe feeling atmosphere,” she said. 

Lauren echoed her mother’s sentiments, emphasizing the warmth and friendliness prevalent in the community, “This place is warm and inviting... They all have smiles on their faces."

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Diane’s quick integration into community activities pleasantly surprised her family. “I was very surprised how quickly she got involved in different activities,” Lauren admitted. Diane added, “It’s impossible to be bored here!”

For her son-in-law Mark who works in the insurance industry, safety features like ramps and covered walkways stood out, aligning with his keen eye for security. “I just know she's getting great care here,” he affirmed.

Ultimately, Diane and her family feel fortunate to have found happiness during a difficult loss, a place where community, care, and a vibrant lifestyle converge, offering great peace of mind and a sense of belonging.

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