The latest Gallup Poll shows that Delaware ranks third in the nation for being overweight. This is a tough survey to swallow. As we look around, we do see overweight people all around us.

We also look at ourselves and realize that we have more pounds on our body than we need. The body can only handle so much extra weight before it starts to show the unhealthy and costly affects.

Heart disease, cancer, diabetes and chronic pain reduce our body's ability to function properly and limit our quality of life. In fact, chronic pain is very costly to our nation. The National Academy of Sciences' Institute of Medicine issued a report in 2011 stating that management of chronic pain costs the nation upwards of $635 billion a year.

Your friends, your family and you need to fix this problem in Delaware. There are not enough good doctors, nurses, therapists and fitness professionals in the state to help everybody.

Most people need a good fitness trainer to keep them accountable. I have many people that look to me weekly for their exercise accountability. I like to say that they feed off of my energy and drive for daily movement. You may not be a fitness trainer or health care professional, but you can be that motivating person to your friends and family to keep them accountable.

Step up and become a wellness coach. Start to ask your family and friends if they feel well.

Ask them if they've been eating well, sleeping well and exercising. Figure out what you need to do to become well.

More than likely you need somebody to be accountable to. Someone to motivate you to get out and walk or get up and move. Someone to encourage your to eat healthier. Someone to unload your stress on so you can sleep better.

As you begin to coach someone else, you'll find that you're also helping yourself. Give it a try. Be that wellness coach fors omebody. Here's to your good health.

About the author: Jonathan Souder is the fitness director at Manor House, an ACTS Retirement-Life Community in Seaford.. Email your thoughts to

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