Katie Kennedy's journey to Fairhaven, an Acts community in Sykesville, Maryland,  began with an unexpected turn of events - a debilitating stroke that shook the foundation of her active lifestyle.

"I was six months post-stroke and I was unable to take care of myself and my home," Katie said while reflecting on the pivotal moment that led her to seek a supportive community where she could thrive.

Prior to her stroke, Katie's life was brimming with adventure. "I'm a very active person. I hiked the Appalachian Trail in Maryland the summer before the stroke. I went cycling and kayaking," she added. Despite the health crisis that shocked her friends and family, Katie's spirit remained unwavering, propelling her towards a new chapter at Fairhaven.

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Fairhaven's holistic approach to senior living encompasses a wide array of amenities and activities tailored to support residents in maintaining their independence and vitality. Katie vividly remembers her initial apprehension, but those fears quickly dissipated as she found herself embraced by the community.

"When I came to Fairhaven, I didn't know anyone, not a single person," she said. "It was scary at first as I could just barely take care of myself. Yet going out into the community, I made so many friends," she shared, highlighting the transformative power of connection and companionship.

At Fairhaven, residents have the freedom to lead active lifestyles through a myriad of social and recreational opportunities. With hard work in therapy, which is also conveniently offered on the same campus, Katie felt empowered to reclaim the activities she used to love.

"I go to swimming classes offered five times a week, and the muscle toning and yoga classes, " she said. "Activities that I did before I had a stroke, I'm able to do them again now."

Beyond physical activities, Fairhaven fosters a rich cultural environment, from walking trails and picturesque landscapes to a diverse array of off-campus experiences like theater, art museums and restaurants for residents seeking to enrich their lives.

Katie said, "The walking trails are fantastic and the opportunities like to go to the theater, are here."

For Katie, Fairhaven is also a place where she can enjoy meaningful connections and nurture her passions.

"I'm still able to do a whole lot of things, but I can make an impact on this community," she said. "I like to give to the community by being part of it, being active in it, and it's a place where I can."

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