The Super Bowl is not just a competition on the field. The big game has pitted city against city, state against state. It seems just about everyone wants in on the action. 

"I think we are the best, sorry but we are," declared Pat May.  

May is a resident at the Matthews Glen Retirement Home in Matthews. She and several other residents dressed in blue, black and white, picked up pom-poms and cheered on their favorite team. They Skyped Claremont Park Retirement Home in Denver while they showed off their moves,

"Keep pounding," they chanted.

Several residents beat drums as the crowd cheered, much to the dismay of the residents in Denver looking on. 

"We have so much spirit here," she said. "Young, old and in between, in wheelchairs, walkers, crawling, the Panthers have given everybody so much joy," May said. 

The two homes have a friendly wager going: the loser has to make a donation to the winner's favorite charity. 

Senator Thom Tillis is in Washington D.C. this week, but his heart is in the Carolinas.  

"Can you see the Panthers logo on here?" he said pointing to his black and blue necktie. 

Senator John McCain had to wear that very tie last week when the Cardinals fell to the Panthers and sing the praises of the team on the Senate floor. Tillis says Colorado Senator Cory Gardner will do the same next week. 

"I got my lucky shirt, which I've only washed one time this year and that was back when they lost against Atlanta," he said. "I have my lucky playoff beard. I haven't shaved since we beat the Buccaneers at the end of the season, so I will keep the beard and shave it Monday morning after we beat a good Broncos team," Tillis delcared.  

Not to be outdone by his colleagues in the Senate, Rep. Robert Pittenger has placed several wagers of his own since the playoffs started.  

"I won the last two bets," he said. "So they will have to ante up one more time," Pittenger said with confidence. 

He says Broncos' quarterback, Peyton Manning's Nationwide Insurance commercials might have a different tune next week. 

"I think Petyon Manning is going to be singing a new lyric, "Panthers going to kick my rear,'" he sang. 

Pittenger, along with the rest of the NC delegation, say they are expecting their counterparts in Colorado to send them microbrewed beer and candy after the Panthers win.  If my some off chance that the Broncos are victorious, Pittenger will send Bojangles chicken and Cheerwine.