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Valentine's Day is this weekend and we're sharing some of your stories of romance. FOX 29's Karen Hepp has more on a Delaware couple that's looking back on their love almost six decades later.

Today if you want to say something you send an email or a text. But I want to take you back nearly 60 years ago to a time of love letters and introduce you to the Engels.

Old hands, a story of young love. Sid met Ethel in Nantucket in 1956. Quickly their summer romance blossomed into a long distance romance thanks to twice weekly love letters and they still have every single one.

Ethel says she knew Sid was "the one" the second she laid eyes on him.

"I just did right from the first time I met him from the first day I did," she said.

The couple has three children, four grandchildren and their adventures continue.

Now 81 and 84, they still dance cheek to cheek at Cokesbury Village, their retirement community in Hockessin DE. The same way they'd wow the Cotillions.

"I consider this our love nest, the closeness we have is a blessing," Sid said. So what's the secret?

"Commitment, communication, say you love each other, say I love you, often and mean it," Sid told FOX 29.

Sid says don't use words that are permanently painful and leave scars. Keep your love precious.

"I was the luckiest guy in the world to find her, "he said