There’s a fun, new way to get around campus at St. Andrews Estates in Boca Raton, Florida. Grab your “Pink Cadillac” and hit the trails!

A fleet of Classic Golf Carts, electric carts with a modified front end that resembles an old classic car from the 1950s and 1960s, are now available to residents looking for an alternative option to get around the community.

Nearly 90 residents signed up for the first training sessions which are required for all participants. Safety is a priority. Each of them learned how to operate the carts, the approved areas to ride, and where to park on campus.

“The training was excellent,” said resident Pat Connors who lives on the north campus. “It covered everything and my questions were more than adequately answered. The carts get us over to St. Andrews South without having to take our cars and find a parking spot.” 

“I plan to take the cart to visit friends this week,” said resident Doris Marshall. “I went out in the parking lot to get a little more practice before inviting anyone to ride with me. It’s a wonderful contribution to the community!”

The carts offer more independence to visit friends across campus, attend events, or to simply enjoy the fresh air and a quiet ride around the beautiful grounds.

“We enjoyed it so much, my husband and I took turns driving it,” said Shirley Teza, a resident at St. Andrews Estates south campus. “We’ll absolutely be using them more. The freedom to just drive around and see what everyone is doing outside, it’s very enjoyable.”