A new resident of The Evergreens in Moorestown, NJ has is making custom brooms in the wood shop in his community. Sam Moyer will be selling these artisan brooms at the upcoming Moorestown Famer's Market. Moyer’s work keeps him active and engaged in the community around him. Moyer tells the Moorestown Sun, “The broom business has kept me happy and healthy, more than I would be if I was doing nothing. This is better than going to the gym.”

Dr. Moyer got into broom making because of his interest in genetics. In fact, Sam genetically engineered the color of the plants he used to produce brooms, called broomcorn. When he moved into The Evergreens, along came his antique equipment, including a machine he helped invent. Best of all, Sam is happy to teach other residents who might be interested in broom making.

Sam Moyer