Older Americans Month is the perfect opportunity to recognize how our residents redefine aging! This year, the theme is "Age Out Loud." Acts residents are embracing their independence, taking charge and striving for wellness for themselves and others.

Magnolia Trace, represents our Mid-South communities, where staying active with friends means happiness at any age.

Lima Estates, a fun-loving community in our Mid-Atlantic region, shows us how they "Age Out Loud" by never being afraid to learn new things!


Residents at St. Andrews Estates, in our Southeast region, actively "Age Out Loud" by volunteering. They mentor school children, care for hospital patients, and donate quilts to wounded warriors!

Brittany Pointe Estates residents represented Acts' Northeast region by showing us how they “stay social.” From shopping, "Wonder Woman" dinner parties, billiards to debates, these seniors truly enjoy their active lifestyle by engaging in their community!

We want to thank all the residents and staff who helped us complete this fun campaign. Thank you for inspiring us and for redefining retirement and how we age. Age Out Loud!