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Hospice FAQ: Answering Common Questions about Hospice Care

When it becomes time to consider hospice care, patients and their families often have a great number of questions about hospice care. There are many misconceptions about hospice as well. The hospice team at Acts has compiled a list of common FAQ questions you can read below. And if you would like to speak to someone about our hospice services, click here for information on our Signature Hospice.

Common Hospice Questions

What is Hospice?

The focus of hospice care is improving quality of life at the end of life. Instead of traditional medical care that is primarily concerned with treating a curable condition, hospice instead provides the best possible comfort care so that patients are able to get the most out of what remaining time they have.

Is "Hospice" a Place?

There are some inpatient hospice care facilities, but hospice actually refers to the care the patient receives. In fact, hospice care can often times be administered anywhere – a hospital, an assisted living facility, or even the patient’s home.

Who Pays for Hospice? What are my Financial Options?

Although this isn’t always the case, frequently patients do not have to pay for hospice care. Medicare or Medicaid often pays for hospice care. In some cases, your private health insurance will provide you with some coverage. If you would like to learn more about financial options, please fill out our hospice contact form.

Does Hospice Mean I Need to Leave My Home?

No. Acts Signature Hospice offers hospice care both in an in-patient setting as well as in a patient’s home. The patient and the patient’s loved ones can choose what type of setting works best for them.

If I Decide Hospice Isn’t for Me, Can I Leave?

Yes. The patient and family is totally in control and can choose to not continue hospice care if they wish.

Is the Acts Hospice Program Only for Acts Community Residents?

No. For example, our Acts Signature Hospice Services are available to non-residents in the Philadelphia area. Hospice care is also available at all levels of care at our PA retirement communities.

Is Hospice Only for Cancer Patients?

This is a common question about hospice. This care is available for anyone, not just patients with cancer. Regardless of your condition, hospice care can help.

Who are the Hospice Care Team Members?

The hospice care team generally consists of the following: nurses, doctors, trained volunteers, social workers, clergy members/counselors, and home health aides.

If I Choose Hospice, Can My Doctor Still be Involved?

Yes. In addition to hospice care team, your primary care physician is an integral part of the process. In fact, at Acts, we work closely with your PCP.

When is it Time to Choose Hospice? Who Decides When it is Time?

Frequently, your primary care physician will be the first one to broach the subject. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be. A family member of the patient can start by discussing hospice with the primary care physician, or they can contact Acts to learn more: 267-350-7200.

Is Hospice the Same as Giving Up?

This is likely the most common hospice question we receive. While the misconception that hospice is “giving up” is quite prevalent, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Hospice is about maximizing the patient’s remaining time, and making sure it is as enjoyable as possible. Hospice patients are able to spend more time with loved ones, and more time enjoying the things they love to do. If anything, it is the complete opposite of giving up!

Have more questions about hospice or want to learn more about Acts Signature Hospice? Contact us by filling out the form on this page.


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