As we near the end of our vaccination clinics, we're optimistic of brighter days ahead. Learn more.

Fulfillment of Vaccine Clinics Brings Brighter Days Ahead

More than a year has gone by since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, and it's natural to pause and reflect on the long road we have traveled together. Overcoming the extraordinary challenges that we have faced over the past 12 months has revealed the strength and character of the Acts organization and its campuses in ways never imagined. We are incredibly proud of how residents and employees have pulled together to support each other.

With vaccine clinics completed or nearing completion at our communities, we are again at a milestone moment in this fight against the pandemic. For all of us, the vaccines serve as the beginning of a joyful and steady return to normalcy where we can spend time in person with loved ones and friends. Click here for a full COVID-19 vaccine update.

We believe that living in an Acts community is one of the safest and most rewarding lifestyles an older adult can choose – this is true in any climate, but especially during these uncertain times. Part of Acts Life Care® is providing our residents countless opportunities for well-being – including body, mind and spirit. As our nation continues to respond to the global pandemic, know that Acts communities remain a safe haven for our residents and provide their family members the peace of mind they need at this time.

Learn about the safety measures we take to keep everyone on our campuses safe.

The Power of Loving-Kindness

Information at a Glance

COVID-19 Vaccine Update

Our resident and employee participation in vaccine efforts has been instrumental in controlling and hopefully eradicating the virus from our communities. We continue to be greatly encouraged by our declining rates of both resident and employee exposures to COVID-19 following our clinics.

As of the end of March, 97% of residents across the family of Acts communities have been fully vaccinated. We are so fortunate that this includes 94% of our skilled care residents and 96% of our assisted living residents being fully vaccinated.

All Acts campuses have been approved for Phase 3 of the Acts' phased re-opening plan for independent living residents, offering the least amount of restrictions. Though we must all continue doing our part to slow the spread, this wonderful news gives us hope that the end of this pandemic is within reach.

We extend our deepest gratitude to our healthcare partners and team members that successfully organized and orchestrated these clinics.

Enduring the Fight Against COVID-19

These are some of the most trying times we've ever faced as a nation, but Loving-Kindness and our Mission to serve our residents remains stronger than ever.

Our communities continue to implement all recommended safety protocols including resident health monitoring, employee screenings and temperature checks before each shift, appropriate use of personal protective equipment, and proper social distancing practices to limit personal contact. As mentioned in our COVID-19 Update section, we'll continue to administer Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna vaccines across our communities as quickly as possible.

Testing Continues Across All Campuses

We continue to actively monitor residents and community staff for any signs and symptoms of COVID-19. Please be assured that our communities continue to implement all recommended safety protocols including resident health monitoring, employee screenings and temperature checks before each shift, appropriate use of personal protective equipment, and proper social distancing practices to limit personal contact.

Since the onset of the pandemic, we have strongly advocated for broad testing capabilities for our residents and staff. We have extensive testing capabilities and protocols are in place that provide for routine testing of residents and employees, enabling the identification of individuals that are positive for COVID-19, but have no symptoms at all.

Re-opening Healthcare Centers to Visitors

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in collaboration with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, recently issued updated guidance for nursing homes to safely expand visitation options during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the updated guidance, nursing homes are permitted to allow responsible indoor visitation at all times and for all residents, regardless of vaccination status of the resident, or visitor, unless certain scenarios arise that would limit indoor visitation.

These certain circumstances outlined by CMS that will restrict indoor visits include:

  • For unvaccinated residents, if the COVID-19 county positivity rate is greater than 10% and less than 70% of residents in WillowBrooke Court or OakBridge Terrace are fully vaccinated;
  • For residents with confirmed COVID-19 infection, whether vaccinated or unvaccinated, until they have met the criteria to discontinue transmission-based precautions; or
  • For residents in quarantine, whether vaccinated or unvaccinated, until they have met criteria for release from quarantine.

With all of Acts' assisted living (OakBridge Terrace) and skilled care (WillowBrooke Court) centers having more than 70% of residents fully vaccinated, we will move forward swiftly with our plans and policy updates for allowing indoor visitation into our WillowBrooke Courts and OakBridge Terraces as permitted by federal and state guidelines. Please be advised and reminded that, in addition to federal regulations, our WillowBrooke Courts and OakBridge Terraces also need to follow all state specific regulations, and when they contradict with federal policies, the stricter of the two must be followed. Unfortunately, with no advance notice of the changes from CMS, the states are just now reviewing and updating their specific guidelines. It is possible, that some states will not be as flexible as CMS, and as such, our policies may need to be further revised.

These changes are welcomed and exciting news as we have all longed for the days when we could once again allow visitors into our WillowBrooke Courts and OakBridge Terraces, beyond compassionate care and end-of-life visits, so that residents could safely reunite with their loved ones in person after so many months apart during the pandemic.

Please be assured that all visitors will be required to continue all infection prevention and control practices as directed by our staff.

Why Move to an Acts Community Now?

With all of the uncertainties Americans are facing because of COVID-19 – from health and safety concerns, to financial worries, or uncertainty of the effects on the economy and the housing market – moving to an Acts community provides you many certainties in these uncertain times, including life care coverage.

Our communities continue to provide an engaged lifestyle and peace of mind when it comes to protecting your current health and well-being, any future health care you may need, and your nest egg.

Health Concerns

Your future well-being will be secured through Acts Life Care, but also through all of the actions Acts is taking to mitigate risks to our residents. As the days grow darker and colder this fall, wouldn't it feel good to know that you will have access to not just the necessities, but to a community of friends who will provide social opportunities and support whatever the times bring. Acts has approached our response to COVID proactively and has rapid testing in place, along with enhanced programming, disinfection techniques, and a strong track record of successful infection control. Plus, Acts communities have medical staff on site to continually assess your status.

Financial Concerns

Move NOW, while the market is still strong and interest rates are low. The real estate market continues to be strong for our prospects who are selling their homes. Moving now eliminates the worry over a decline in the market and concerns about selling your home in a challenging climate. Once you move in your financial worries will vanish.

Concerns About an Uncertain Future

We are facing unprecedented times and the news can sometimes seems bleak. An Acts community can be your beacon in a storm -- any storm -- whether it's severe weather, a global pandemic, economic uncertainty, or social and political unrest -- the Acts organization serves our residents by providing peace of mind and the assurance of certainty in these uncertain times.

Here's some further reading as you consider your retirement options in this time of uncertainty:

Addressing Common Concerns

With the uncertainty about pandemic predictions, mixed messages in the media about public safety and concerns about the availability of testing, it may feel like it makes sense to stay in your own home and forestall any planning for the future. The question then becomes, is your home truly the safest place to be? Read on as we address these topics and more.

Selling your home and beginning a new retirement lifestyle in the current climate feels risky.

Local real estate experts are reporting incredibly high demand for homes, and borrowers are taking advantage of the low current interest rates. The market signals are strong that it actually makes sense to take advantage of selling at this time, before another recession makes home selling a real challenge.

A trip to the doctor’s office - or the emergency room - feels incredibly unsafe, with infection rates on the rise. But when a medical issue needs attention, you have to go.

Our residents appreciate the convenience (and safety!) of a supportive medical team right outside their door, with access to any level of on-site care they may need if their health needs change.

It can feel unsafe going to the grocery or pharmacy stores or ordering in dinner when you have no way of knowing if the clerk or the meal delivery driver has been tested.

We are consistently testing staff and residents with no-cost Rapid Results testing, in addition to rigorous sanitation protocols, to ensure our convenient groceryshopping, dining and prescription delivery services can set residents’ minds at ease.

Lysol recently released two home disinfectant sprays that kill coronavirus, but it’s still hard to find well-stocked cleaning supply aisles in the store.

The safety of our residents is a top priority at Acts every day. We continue to implement safety protocols, including:

  • Social Distancing Activities
  • Meal Delivery
  • Regular Handwashing Practices
  • Ongoing Sterilization of Common Areas
  • Transmission Prevention Measures

Another shelter-in-place order would mean more time isolated from family and friends, and without the distraction of gardening and enjoying time outdoors as the weather gets colder.

Those that have already moved here are enjoying games of cornhole and competing at Dominos, making sure to keep up on their social commitments – with social distancing. Residents are spending time together safely and have a robust list of activity options!

FAQs During Covid-19

Whether you’re one of our beloved residents, a friend or loved one of a resident, or a prospective resident considering calling one of our campuses home, we know you have questions. Click below to read our frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers to those questions. Should you have additional questions, please contact our COVID-19 Information Line at 1-866-293-6396. For any questions or updates about one of our residents please do not hesitate to contact the community’s Executive Director or Administrator.

Read our FAQs here.

For any questions about becoming an Acts resident, please contact the community’s Life Care Consultant.

Video Gallery and Featured Stories

Throughout these tumultuous times, we've also experienced many examples of what we refer to as "Loving-Kindness" in our communities. Some of those examples have been captured in photos, video and articles. Take a look at some of those below.

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Featured Stories

As We Look Ahead

We will always prioritize the health and well-being of our residents and employees. Should any of our protocols and guidelines change as we receive recommendations and mandates from local, state or federal officials, we are committed to keeping our residents, employees, family members and prospective residents informed every step of the way.

We remain thankful for the strength, perseverance and support that we are observing every day from our residents and staff throughout the Acts family.