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Where Loving-Kindness Lives: Valentine's Day Edition

Love is in the air across our Acts family! At the place where Loving-Kindness lives, every day, it's only fitting to kick it up a notch for the most romantic holiday of the year.

Residents celebrated with Valentine's Day-themed dinners, special treats and entertainment. At St. Andrews Estates, in Boca Raton, Florida, the culinary team served up an elaborate dessert bar where residents could help themselves to a decadent display of chocolate and other sweet treats.  At Country House, in Wilmington, Delaware, residents satisfied their sweet tooth in a chocolate taste-testing event.

In a beautiful act of loving-kindness,  a local elementary school delivered homemade Valentines to residents of Brittany Pointe Estates in Lansdale, Pennsylvania. A huge heart-felt thank you to the sixth graders at Montgomery Elementary.
At Fort Washington Estates, in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania, residents listened to love songs on the harp played by Life Engagement Director Madeline Hlywiak. They also were serenaded with singing telegrams by Cupid and enjoyed special Valentine’s day treats. Residents of Tryon Estates, in Columbus, North Carolina, enjoyed a Valentine's day social in their beautiful lobby, followed by a delicious dinner and entertainment.