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Health Services with Normandy Farms Estates in Blue Bell, PA

While there are many advantages to living at Normandy Farms Estates, something residents really appreciate is the sense of peace that comes from knowing their future health needs will be taken care of.  

How Does This Work?

The Normandy Farms Estates Type A Acts Life Care contract ensures that if independent living residents ever need a higher level of care, be it assisted living or skilled nursing care, they will receive it, right on their current campus, for no increase to their current fees. That means when you become a resident of Normandy Farms Estates, in addition to a luxurious home and access to non-stop amenities, activities, and social opportunities, you can also rest easy knowing future healthcare is already covered. There are also additional health services available. 


Acts Communities The Many Retirement Health Services Available in Blue Bell:

Assisted Living

Dedicated, one-on-one assistance with daily activities in a safe, home-like setting.

Skilled Care

Providing certified health professionals with comprehensive and personalized care and treatment for as long as needed.

Signature Rehabilitation

Individualized programs for both short-term and outpatient settings to help people improve their health and function.

Home Health

Home-care professionals help residents maintain independence in a comfortable environment.

Palliative Care

Personal assistance for residents who are suffering from a serious illness, with a focus on symptom relief and stress reduction.

Dementia Care

Compassionate assistance for those suffering from dementia-related cognitive changes.

Signature Hospice

Physical, spiritual, and emotional care for people with terminal illnesses and their families.

Nurse Practitioner Program

Normandy Farms Estate residents receive high-quality primary, acute, and specialist health care.

Quality Care Standards

  • CARF Accreditation.png

    Our Blue Bell, PA senior health services maintain high standards through ongoing evaluations such as financial audits, resident surveys, and ethics trust accreditation. 

  • Best-ranked On-site Healthcare.png

    State and federal agencies consistently rank Acts health systems among the best in the country for residents. 

  • Resident Satisfaction.png

    We're also dedicated to providing the best brain health support, which reduces the risk of dementia and provides best-in-class service and support to those dealing with mental changes caused by dementia. 

Discuss Normandy Farms Estates Senior Health Services with an Expert

We understand that deciding on a long-term retirement housing option is a big decision. Call a Life Care Consultant if you want to learn more about Acts and our Life Care contract. 

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