Retirment Living at Granite Farms Estates

Media, Pennsylvania is a county seat of Delaware County and is only 13 miles west from Philadelphia. Despite its proximity to one of the largest cities in the country, Media maintains a strong communal lifestyle with locals proudly referring to it as “Everybody’s Hometown.” The town evokes a feeling of days gone with brick sidewalks and tree-covered streets and is the last suburban town in America to have a trolley running down the main street. There are numerous festivals and events throughout the year, including “Media Restaurant Week” and “America’s Music Festival Series.”

Is Granite Farms Estates a Good Place to Retire?

Absolutely! Granite Farms Estates is located in, Media, PA, which was recently named top retirement town in PA by SmartAsset, based on analyzed data from all cities and towns in the state. Among the considered factors included safety, friendly environment, and overall walkability. Residents are easily able to walk to stores for groceries, shopping, restaurants, or theaters. When it comes to traveling beyond state borders, Philadelphia International Airport is just a quick SEPTA bus or regional rail ride away. Another consideration looked at state and local tax rates, including Pennsylvania’s low sales tax. These rates are compared against the number of doctors’ offices, recreation and retirement centers, and the number of seniors in the area to conclude that Media, PA is the best retirement town in the state.

Above and Beyond: Life Well Lived in an Acts Community

Media, Pennsylvania Senior Resources Map

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Senior Care in Media, PA

Media, Pennsylvania is close to the major Philadelphia hospitals, Penn Medicine and Jefferson Health, which offer specialized health services not typically found in most hospitals. However, when it comes to non-emergency and on-going care, it’s equally important that your provider be affordable as well as local. Residents of continuing care retirement communities (CCRC) enjoy the benefit of having these health services available within their community without needing to leave campus. The Acts’ Type A Life Care Contract goes above by offering health services without affecting on-going costs. This kind of arrangement provides residents and their families with peace of mind knowing that their finances are secure during an unanticipated health crisis. To learn more about Acts’ Life Care, contact Granite Farms Estates in Media, PA to speak to a Life Care Consultant.