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Finding Joy: A Widower's Journey to Spring House Estates

For Joe Gable, his journey to Spring House Estates, an Acts Retirement-Life Community, is not just about finding a place to retire; it's about rediscovering the joy of companionship and community after the loss of his beloved wife, Kathy.

His story is nothing short of inspiring.

Shortly before his wife's passing, Joe recalls her gentle encouragement to explore retirement communities. "She had already checked out several retirement communities," he shares. "Kathy said, 'Joe, you don't like to eat alone. You've got to get out and look at some of these.' It was probably a year after she passed that I finally did get out because she was right."

Embarking on his search, Joe explored seven communities before finding his perfect match in Spring House. "Spring House was the perfect size. Not too small or big, and a great location. I can get down to Philadelphia in no time if I want."

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Joe moved from the nearby Heritage Creek Community Association where he served on the Board of Directors. At 85, he's independent and active and has no plans of slowing down with a schedule filled with activities he enjoys. He attends exercise classes, participates in entertainment events, and serves the community as member of the health services committee and resident board.

Despite initially vowing not to get involved right away, Gable found himself drawn to contributing to the community he now calls home. "It’s surprising because I swore I would not get involved right away. I was going to chill out, but I guess I’m compulsive," he laughed. 

'For Joe, embracing his new lifestyle at Spring House Estates adds vitality and joy to his days.

"Living at Spring House probably adds years to my life, and if it’s not years, it’s making the years I am living more enjoyable and active," he said.

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Beyond the enriching activities, Joe cherishes the convenience and peace of mind that Spring House offers, access to wellness services, assisted living, skilled care and rehabilitation, on the same campus if he should ever need it. With a predictable monthly fee, Joe says he doesn't have to worry about the financial aspects of living at his old Heritage Creek home.

“Everything is taken care of in the monthly fee, you don’t have to worry about the gas bill, electric bill, and property taxes," he said. 

Yet, perhaps the greatest gift Spring House bestows upon Joe is the opportunity to forge meaningful connections. "It is easy to meet new people here," he said. "Kathy had warned me, I couldn't live alone and after I lost her, I found myself busy during the day, but coming home at night was hard. I didn’t have anyone to share about my day."

Now, surrounded by new companionship, Joe finds solace in knowing the peace of mind it also brings to his three children.

"It took a burden off their shoulders. They know I'm comfortable and safe at Spring House," he said.

As Joe continues to embrace his active lifestyle, he offers sage advice to those considering a similar path. "It’s best to move in sooner to take advantage of all the activities while you're healthy," he said. "Don't wait until it's too late."

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