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Mease Life: A Safe Haven in the Storm

With La Niña and record-warm Atlantic temperatures, this hurricane season could shape up to be one of the most active on record. Experts predict an unprecedented number of major storms this year. Amidst this uncertainty, residents of Mease Life, a premier senior living community in Dunedin, Florida, find solace in their safe haven.

The “Best Decision” for Safety

Phil Chartrand, a Mease Life resident, vividly recalls when Hurricane Irma hit Florida in 2017. As the storm raged outside, cities went dark, and the wind howled, Phil suffered stomach pains that required hospitalization. It was frightening timing for a medical emergency at the height of the storm but Mease Life went above and beyond to ensure its resident’s safety and wellbeing.

“Even in the midst of a major hurricane, when nobody could go outside and you couldn’t get anyone to willingly brave the storm, the administrator at Mease Life drove me two blocks to the hospital,” Chartrand said. “That’s an example of the caliber of people who work here and the great care we receive.”

“That’s really why we’re here,” he added. “It was the best decision we could have made to move to Mease Life.”

Mease Life isn’t just a place to live; residents are comforted to live in community that genuinely cares for their wellbeing and safety.

Reliable Refuge for First Responders

When hurricanes threaten, the community also opens its doors to first responders to take refuge. Mease has a long-standing agreement with the City of Dunedin to provide meals to city employees assigned to recovery relief following an emergency event, such as a hurricane.

“Mease Life is committed to providing up to three meals a day for up to 100 city employees, for as long as the recovery team is active,” said Kent McRae, Executive Director of Mease Life.

“During Hurricane Irma in 2017, we had 4-5 days of recovery relief with approximately 88 employees taking their meals at Mease Life in our comfortably air-conditioned auditorium,” he said.

That same year, Mease Life was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation for its hurricane relief efforts post-storm. Executive Director Kent McRae also received a personal visit from the City Manager expressing sincere gratitude for the safe accommodations during the most challenging days for emergency responders.

“Safest Place to Be”

Mease Life, in the heart of vibrant Dunedin, is geographically positioned in the perfect location to weather a severe storm. Despite its proximity to the ocean with incredible scenic views, the community is situated on higher ground which is not an evacuation or flood zone.

“Even though we’re close enough to see the ocean from our balcony, we’re safe if there’s a hurricane or weather emergency,” said Chartrand. “In fact, it’s reassuring to know people outside the community can take refuge at Mease Life. It’s wonderful to be able to feed first responders and give them a safe place to shelter from the storm.”

“It’s also reassuring that there is no need to evacuate, and we considered that before we moved here,” he added. “We knew we’d be safely sheltered during hurricanes.”

Acts Leadership and Stability

Mease Life is an affiliate of Acts Retirement Life Community, backed by one of the most financially trusted and reputable organizations in the senior living space. With a more than 50 year-track record of providing life care, safety and security, Acts communities span across nine states. If any Acts community is in the path of a threatening storm, Acts leadership and experienced operations team is fast to respond with senior staff members traveling as far away as Pennsylvania to provide additional support.

Beyond hurricane preparedness, Acts communities provide quality care, a flourishing lifestyle, and peace of mind to weather any of life’s unexpected events. Mease Life offers a full continuum of care services, from independent living to assisted living, skilled nursing, memory care, and short-term rehab.

“In many ways, we feel more secure with Acts leadership. Aside from our wellbeing during hurricane season, the Acts organization provides much-needed stability to drastically improve our community,” resident Phil Chartrand said.

“Having assisted living, and memory care here if we need it, that’s very important to us,” he added. “And the convenience, even for a short stay after my surgery, Mease Life took excellent care of me and my wife could easily visit because I was right down the hall.”

Great Neighbors and a Happier Life

For Phil Chartrand’s wife Rita, Mease Life doesn’t only offer stability during uncertain times, it is a great place to find companionship with friendly neighbors, and a caring community in which team members and residents share genuine compassion.

"We’re so glad we did it,” Rita Chartrand said. “We moved to Mease Life so our family wouldn’t be burdened as we get older, but we didn’t realize how much we would enjoy our life here.”

“At first we thought moving to a big apartment building would be relatively impersonal but it’s not like that; we have neighbors we know well, and it’s a very pleasant place to be,” she added. “We are very happy here!”

In the face of an active hurricane season and the unsettling predication of a record-setting storm year, Mease Life is a caring safe haven where residents find comfort, community, and outstanding care.

Visit Mease Life and ask about the robust plan we execute to keep residents safe.