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Health Services with Mease Life in Dunedin, FL

While there are many great benefits of living at Mease Life, something residents love about us is the peace of mind they receive thanks to our continuing care model. This means that many future healthcare needs are available if they're ever needed. As long as you are with us, you will always have access to our amazing Dunedin senior health services.

What Does this Mean?

With a life plan community, if you ever need a higher level of care such as assisted living, memory care or skilled care, Mease Life residents have easy and convenient access to those services, all available within the same campus.

If you need healthcare today, this is for you ...

You can move into Mease Life and immediately receive health services like assisted living or skilled nursing care. Find out more by clicking here.


Mease Life also offers certain health services to those who require assistance now!
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Acts Communities

Acts Communities Senior Health Services Available in Dunedin:

Assisted Living

Personalized and attentive help with the activities of daily living.

Memory Care

Help and support for seniors experiencing dementia-related cognitive changes.

Skilled Care

Certified health professionals provide person-centered extensive treatment, as long as it is needed.

Rehabilitation Therapy

Senior rehab programs designed to help improve health and function – offered in both short-term stay or outpatient settings.

Palliative Care

For those living with a serious illness, palliative offers specialized care that focuses on providing relief from symptoms.

Hospice Care

Spiritual, physical, and emotional care and comfort for patients with terminal illnesses, as well as help for families and caregivers.

You don't have to be a current Mease Life resident to take advantage of assisted living or skilled nursing care. Discover more about receiving these services directly.

Quality Care Standards

  • CARF Accreditation.png

    Mease Life is always evaluating processes and performances through financial reviews, resident surveys and by maintaining an ethics trust accreditation.

  • Best-ranked On-site Healthcare.png

    Mease Life is committed to minimizing risk for dementia and supporting brain health, by providing best practice services to those experiencing cognitive changes.

  • Resident Satisfaction.png

    On-site healthcare centers at Acts communities consistently rank among the nation’s best by both state and federal agencies.

Discuss with an Expert

We understand that choosing healthcare is an important decision. If you wish to speak with someone to learn more, call a Life Care Consultant today.

Acts Communities
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