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Aging Backwards at Mease Life: One Resident’s Fitness Journey

For Bob Brown, Mease Life is where he’s growing ‘younger,’ not older, because it’s the perfect paradise to enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle, surrounded by the natural beauty of Dunedin.

“I have lived in Pinellas County for over 40 years,” said Brown who is a civil engineer and part-time college professor.  “I moved to Mease Life because it was the only continuing care retirement community that I knew of this close to downtown Dunedin.”

At Mease Life, Brown can prioritize his wellness goals – with a plethora of opportunities to engage his mind, body, and spirit.

"Younger Next Year"

“I’m a big believer in the Younger Next Year methodology, which is to do vigorous aerobic training at least three times a week to get your heart rate up. Mondays are my running days and Tuesdays are for bike rides, " Brown added. "I can take the trail and get in 50 miles, round trip.”

Younger Next Year is a New York Times bestseller written by Chris Crowley and Henry S. Lodge, M.D., which gives scientific insights on becoming functionally younger through daily exercise, emotional commitment, and a genuine engagement with life.

At Mease Life, Brown is living his best life.  “The pool at Mease Life is perfect because it’s 22 yards long,” Brown said. “That’s the magic length: 40 laps is a half mile and 50 laps is one kilometer.”

“I usually swim 50 laps, three times a week here,” he said.

Outdoor Fitness Paradise

When Brown is not in the pool, he’s biking the Pinellas Trial. The 50-mile trail runs through the heart of Downtown Dunedin, stretching from St. Petersburg all the way to Tarpon Springs, and on to the Pasco County line. 

 “It’s a beautiful trail, and was recently inducted into the Rail to Trail Hall of Fame as one of the best trails in the country,” Brown said.

Mease Life also offers an aquatics class that rounds out his fitness regime. “Four times a week, Mease Life offers an aquatics class that I enjoy because it works smaller muscle groups which even with running, swimming and biking don’t get much use, but you still need them to stay in shape,” he said.

Bob Brown has always been athletic. He lettered in three sports in high school and afterwards at West Point, joined the triathlon team.  He recommends those new to exercise to push themselves but go slow.

“The purpose of exercise is to make your body more fit, not to get some kind of injury,” he said.

Social and Mental Advantages

Brown also keeps his brain sharp by staying mentally active. The licensed civil engineer is a part-time adjunct professor at Saint Leo University. 

In his free time, Brown shapes the vibrant social life at Mease Life. Brown is chairman of the social committee, which plans various campus activities and events. He is also a member of the Residents Association, as well as the ad hoc committee for building and grounds.

With the ultimate location, near the lively beach town of Dunedin, the social opportunities at Mease Life are ample! You can’t beat the location within walking distance from a variety of restaurants, shopping, live music and entertainment. 

The Heart of Dunedin

“Main Street, Dunedin is one of the top ten in Florida and is ranked right there with Main Streets in Key West and Augustine,” Bown said.

Dunedin, a quaint waterfront community along the shores of St. Joseph Sound, lies to the north of Clearwater and St. Petersburg. It has been called a "Best Little Walking Town in America" by Walking Magazine and the "Most Walkable Town" by If residents rather catch a ride than walk, Dunedin offers a free Looper service to and from the downtown area. The Dunedin Freebee’s route, with a stop at Mease Life, ensures residents can easily access the city’s marina, TD Ballpark, and Mease Dunedin Hospital.

Financial Peace of Mind

For Brown and his wife, their move to Mease Life also offered appealing financial benefits. They sought a continuing care retirement community with access to assisted living and skilled care conveniently on the same campus, and were surprised by the cost savings.

“It seems we're really not spending more money here than we were before in our old home,” Brown said. “And you never have to worry about home maintenance. It takes a lot of stress off your life.”

“Less stress means more free time,” he added, “More time to go biking, swimming and teaching, and do things I enjoy.”

The best way to experience our Dunedin, FL, retirement community is to see it in person. Schedule a tour and let us answer all your senior living questions!