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Make the Decision this Summer to Secure Your Future

Happy summer!

Now’s the time when we can enjoy things like vacation, relaxation, outdoor sports and time with the family. There’s one more thing that summer is perfect for – planning your future.

There’s a lot to consider. Think about the upcoming autumn and winter and all they bring. Think about financial implications related to 2018 – have you planned for those? Think about the tremendous peace of mind you and your family could have if you make the move now – which would give you even more time for doing what you love.

As Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Acts Retirement-Life Communities®, I’m writing today to get you thinking about your future. And, even more importantly, to spur you into action. Here are the five reasons I believe you should lock in your move-in date to Granite Farms Estates or Lima Estates before the end of September:

  1. A portion of the entrance fee that you pay this year can potentially be applied as a medical tax deduction, eliminating uncertainty of future tax reform.
  2. You'll lock in the 2017 entrance fee – which gives you additional lifetime savings.
  3. You have the summer to prepare for your move, then can enjoy the upcoming holiday season knowing that your plans for the future are all arranged.
  4. You can connect that much sooner with many other like-minded residents. Those who have already made the move will undoubtedly tell you they wished they had made this decision long ago.
  5. You can take advantage of special discounts available on 1-bedroom apartments if you lock in your move-in date to Granite Farms Estates or Lima Estates by September 30, 2017. Special pricing programs are also available for select limited apartments at The Preserve at Granite Farms Estates. We're almost sold out!

As CFO, I can attest to all the advantages that you and your family receive if you move in this year, especially the lifetime value of Acts Life Care®. I encourage you to fill out the form below to learn more about how you can use this summer to ensure that all your future summers are the best they can possibly be.

Best Regards,

Karen Christiansen
Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
Acts Retirement-Life Communities®

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