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Whatever your spiritual beliefs, you’ll find yourself at home in Acts religious retirement communities. Acts has a vision founded in faith dating back to its inception by a suburban Philadelphia pastor and members of his church in 1972.

Spirituality is often a subjective term, having a different definition for every individual. Read on to see how Acts supports spirituality – no matter your definition – within its communities.

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Where Loving-Kindness Lives

Acts is mission-driven, and that mission makes all the difference. Our organization was founded on a deep belief in honesty and respect, the dignity of each person, and the power of Loving-Kindness. Opening our doors to individuals of all beliefs unites our people and creates communities that feel like families. Neighbors are here to help each other. Staff are deeply committed to their work. There’s a special spirit at Acts, and you’ll feel it the minute you arrive.

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Non-Denominational and Non-Pressure

Acts is independent of affiliation with any specific denomination, but maintains its Christian roots through the practice of having a full-time Chaplain at each community. These spiritual leaders provide support for older adults and guidance for residents of all faiths. Furthermore, while faith and spiritual support is always available, there is never any pressure to be involved.


Regular Spiritual Services

Numerous spiritual services are held at each community throughout the week, ensuring you'll be able to continue practicing your religious beliefs right in the convenience of your own community. If a service for your religious affiliation is not offered within the community, our Chaplains will offer guidance on convenient options to continue practicing your faith. Most communities also have their own chapel and other spaces for services, prayer and quiet reflection.

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A Support System in Place

Our full-time Chaplains tend to fill many roles in our communities in addition to spiritual guidance. They’re often viewed as counselors, confidants, and even friends to many residents. Knowing this type of support system is readily available can mean a lot as we age. The ability to lean on them for comfort and support is why Chaplains become such beloved leaders of our communities.

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End-of-Life Comfort & Peace of Mind

It’s engrained in the Acts mission that we are committed to providing security and peace of mind to seniors – this is never more important than when we reach the end of our life. Not only can you and your family count on receiving the best quality of care, but also spiritual support from a Chaplain you’ve come to know and trust.

Acts Culture of Loving-Kindness

  • The Acts culture of loving-kindness is extending God's grace, goodness, mercy and love without prejudice to others.
  • Acts embraces loving-kindness, recognizing the inherent value in others through an attitude of respect and acceptance, without favor.
  • Acts is committed to following God's directive to care for seniors and, in doing so, glorifying Him through intent and purpose.

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