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Georgia Retirement Taxes

Group of retirees smiling drinking wineThanks to its great weather and laid-back southern charm, Georgia is a popular retirement destination. But what you might not know is that Georgia retirement taxes are incredibly friendly towards seniors. They are, in fact, a big part of the reason why so many people choose to retire in Georgia, and why 17% of Georgia’s population is over 60.

Georgia Retirement Tax Friendliness

Georgia is highly favorable for retirees in terms of tax friendliness. The state does not tax Social Security benefits, withdrawals from pensions and retirement accounts are only partially taxed, and anyone over 62 or who are permanently disabled can qualify for a retirement income exclusion of $65,000. They’ve also decided to implement a flat income tax rate of 5.49% in 2024. Georgia also provides various tax relief programs for retirees, including homestead exemptions and additional exemptions for those aged 65 and older.

Is It Cheaper to Retire in Florida or Georgia?

When comparing the cost of living for retirees, Georgia emerges as the more affordable option compared to Florida. While Florida’s taxes for retirees are also very friendly, Georgia beats Florida when it comes to overall cost of living, especially in areas like housing and healthcare. Ultimately, whether it’s cheaper to retire in Florida or Georgia depends on individual circumstances and priorities like income sources, lifestyle preferences, healthcare needs, and desired location amenities.

Pros and Cons of Retiring in Georgia

Retiring in Georgia has several advantages, including a low cost of living, warm climate, and tax benefits for seniors. Additionally, Georgia’s rich history, outdoor recreational opportunities, and welcoming southern hospitality contribute to a unique and fulfilling retirement experience. However, Georgia can have some hot and humid summers, traffic congestion, limited public transportation, and the presence of bugs and mosquitos in certain areas. It’s also important to consider the potential impact of natural disasters, as Georgia can be prone to hurricanes. Overall, Georgia’s tax benefits and climate make it a compelling option for retirees, and many of the cons of retiring in Georgia would not apply if you decided to move into a retirement community, where you won’t have property taxes and where residents tend to be safer from storms.

Should You Consider Moving to a Retirement Community in Georgia?

Hopefully by now Georgia’s retirement tax friendliness is obvious. The state is a great place for retirees to live. But what type of environment within Georgia should you live? We recommend considering a continuing care retirement community. They are safe, relaxing, filled with amenities and activities, free of added expenses and stresses like home maintenance and utilities, and ensure healthcare is covered (typically right on campus) should you ever need a higher level of are. 

Learn more about our continuing care retirement community in Georgia, or get a free information kit for pricing details. 

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