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Retirement Questions to Ask About Becoming a Resident: Acts FAQs

1. Is there a cost to join the Acts Priority List?

  • Yes.  The cost to add your name to the list is a $1,000 application fee (per single or per couple) plus a $200 processing fee.

2. Is the application fee refundable?

  • Yes.  The application fee ($1,000) is fully refundable if you decide to remove your name from the Waiting List. The processing fee ($200) is not refundable after 30 days.

3. How long will I wait?

  • Waiting times vary by apartment size and community. Please call the community of your choice to find the approximate waiting time for your unit of interest. Many prospective residents add their name to the Priority List well before they are ready to move in, to assure themselves the opportunity to move in to an ACTS community when they are ready in the future.

4. What are the benefits of joining the Priority List?

  • Your one deposit and processing fee will put your name on the Priority List for all Acts communities and apartment sizes. You can select any or all of the Acts communities and unit sizes in which you are most interested.
  • Opportunities to be involved with the community before you move in is encouraged through membership benefits such as involvement in community events, use of the fitness center and swimming pool, and invitations to entertainment, trips and special events.

5. What happens when a Life Care Consultant calls and asks me to look at an available apartment?

  • Every Life Care Consultant offers apartments as they become available, to people who are on the Priority List in order of their application date for their community.

6. What if I say I do not want the apartment offered to me? Do I go to the bottom of the list?

  • If we call you and you are not ready to consider an apartment, you do not go to the bottom of the list. You remain on the list according to your date of application.

7. Can I transfer from one community to another? 

  • Yes.  If you would like to move to an Acts community sooner than availability allows at your first choice community, you have the option of moving to a community or apartment size that is more readily available and remain on the Waiting List for the community and/or apartment size of your first choice.
  • Once your first choice community and apartment become available, we offer you the apartment (based on your original date of application), and you accept the apartment, you will pay a transfer fee and move in to your new apartment home.

8. What are the benefits of being able to transfer?

The benefits of taking the transfer option include:

  • You are covered with Life Care sooner than waiting until it is too late.
  • You can enjoy all of the amenities and benefits of the Acts lifestyle.
  • You are locking in your entrance fee so when you eventually transfer you will pay the difference or receive a refund of the difference in entrance fees according to the year you originally moved in to an Acts community. This could mean several thousand dollars savings to you.