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Exploring Retirement Communities in Vero Beach, Florida

Vero Beach has some of the best retirement homes in the country, but what about the city itself? What does Vero Beach have to offer retirees? Read on to see the benefits of retiring here!

Our Retirement Community in Vero Beach

  • Indian River Estates

    2250 Indian Creek Blvd W, Vero Beach, FL 32966

    This 100-acre gated retirement community in Vero Beach is 10 miles from the beach and offers its own lakes, gardens, and outdoor recreational areas.

The Benefits of Retiring in Vero Beach

While there are plenty of benefits of moving into our Vero Beach retirement community, what are the benefits of spending your golden years in the Vero Beach area as a whole?

Retire in Vero Beach and Get Peace of Mind

When you choose to live at an Acts Retirement community, you get healthcare at a dependable rate. To learn more, watch the video below:

Points of Interest and Local Landmarks for Retirees in Vero Beach

Explore our interactive map below to see some of the most popular landmarks and points of interest in the Vero Beach area:


  • Plenty of Golf Courses: The Vero Beach area is home to some of the greatest golf courses in the country. Plus, the great weather means you’ll get to spend more time hitting the links.
  • Outdoor Activities: Not a fan of golf? Well how about hiking, the beach, fishing, boating, or virtually any other outdoor activity you can think of? Vero Beach has something for everyone!
  • Great Museums: Need a break from the beach? Vero Beach is home to great museums and other local attractions worth checking out.

Why Retirees Love Vero Beach

  • Benefits Tax Benefits.png

    Florida is Tax-Friendly: In Florida, Social Security and retirement income are both tax exempt.

  • Benefits Lower Cost of Living.png

    Lower Cost of Living: Florida has a relatively low cost of living, which means you’ve got more money to spend on leisure activities.

  • Benefits Close to Disney World.png

    Close to Miami and Disney World: Vero Beach is within driving distance of both Disney World and Miami!

  • Benefits Active Living.png

    Live the Type of Life You’ve Always Dreamed: Imagine waking up every morning, going golfing (or playing tennis, or cycling) then relaxing on the beach. That’s the type of lifestyle you get

Acts Network of Retirement Communities 

When you live at our Vero Beach, Florida retirement community, you can visit all 26 of our campuses throughout the country. Take a trip to Georgia, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, or anywhere else that Acts is present!

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