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Senior Living in Baltimore

What are some of the benefits of senior living in Baltimore? There are many great Baltimore-area retirement communities, and nearly 15% of Maryland’s population are over 65. But what are some of the other reasons why Baltimore is a popular retirement choice? Keep reading to learn more, and to find out about our Baltimore-area retirement homes.


Our Baltimore Area Retirement Communities

  • Fairhaven

    7200 3rd Ave, Sykesville, MD 21784

    Fairhaven in Sykesville, MD offers a lifestyle that allows you to pursue the things you love, with the people you most enjoy.

  • Buckingham's Choice

    3200 Baker Cir, Adamstown, MD 21710

    Buckingham's Choice is Frederick County's premier choice for senior living, offering magnificent mountain vistas, an expansive and manicured campus, and more!

A Few of the Benefits of Retiring in Baltimore

While there are certainly many wonderful amenities available at various Baltimore retirement communities, what are some of the overall benefits of retiring in this area?

Get Peace of Mind When You Retire in Baltimore

Seniors living at our Baltimore area retirement communities get to take it easy knowing health care costs won’t increase as their level of need increases. See the video below for more information.

Points of Interest and Local Landmarks for Seniors Living in the Baltimore Area

Browse the interactive map below to see amenities and attractions in Baltimore, as well as the locations of our Baltimore retirement homes.

  • Amazing Restaurants and Museums: Baltimore is home to many great restaurants and museums.
  • Outdoor Activities: While Baltimore has plenty to offer those who love the city, the surrounding area offers activities for outdoor enthusiasts – including boating, fishing, golfing, and more.
  • Small-Town Feel: It may be a major city, but locals says Baltimore has a “small-town feel,” making it a very fun and friendly place to retire.

Reasons to Retire in Baltimore

  • Benefits Lower Cost of Living.png

    Tax-Friendly: In Maryland, some types of retirement income, including Social Security, are tax exempt. Generally speaking, Maryland is very tax-friendly towards retirees.

  • Benefits Close to Philadelphia.png

    Access to Other Cities & Beaches: Whether you love the beach, or wish to take a trip to New York City, Philadelphia, or Washington DC, you can easily do it from Baltimore.

  • Delaware is popular with retirees.png

    Walkability: Baltimore is one of the most walkable major cities in the Unites States, making it an excellent choice for seniors who wish to stay active.

  • Benefits Active Living.png

    Great for Sports Lovers: Several professional and collegiate level sports teams call Baltimore their home.

Acts Network of Retirement Communities

Our Baltimore retirement home residents can visit any Acts community throughout the United States. That includes communities in Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, and more! It’s just one of the perks of being an Acts resident.

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