Very early this Wednesday morning, Spartanburg-based CBS-affiliate WSPA-TV (Channel 7) joined residents and staff at Tryon Estates to promote yesterday's annual Mid-South OlympiActs event.
Several-dozen residents and staff were up as early as 5am to greet the station for five live on-air spirited rounds of interviews with 7News reporter Christine Scarpelli, while photojournalist Ryan Goodman filmed residents practicing up for the OlympiActs games, playing cornhole, ping pong, and Wii bowling. They even displayed a little cardio drumming and a special Tryon cheer for the station. 

Several competing resident-athletes from home team Tryon Estates were interviewed, as well as Corporate Director of Wellness, Theresa Perry. 

A major thank you goes to Fitness Trainer Caroline Eller and Executive Director Dee James, who worked hard to organize the large group of residents and staff to come out early in the morning for the station.
The station filmed five different 2-3 minute long segments, which aired live at 5:15AM, 5:45AM, 6:15AM, 6:45AM, and 7:05AM on the WSPA-7 morning show.
You can watch the recorded segments here on WSPA's website, and read their beautiful write-up on the event. Scarpelli shared further on her Facebook page, and the station archived the videos on their YouTube page (above links).

Make sure to visit the Tryon Estates Facebook page here to see photos from OlympiActs.