Many residents at The Evergreens, an Acts community in Moorestown, New Jersey, enjoy the quiet, serene gardens on campus.

The Evergreens expansive gardens consists of 20 medium-size plots and seven giant plots designed for flower growing, pollination and homegrown vegetables. Residents enjoy the fresh air and open green space to get their hands dirty. It's the best way to retire and stay active, gardening for sheer pleasure, without the burden of home ownership and property upkeep. 

"After I moved here and found out there was a resident garden, I was very happy, because I could keep my garden influence, and still get my fingernails dirty in the dirt," Margo Foster,  a resident of The Evergreens, told The Moorestown Sun. She is grateful to have found The Evergreens and has fun in the gardens which is a social hub for many residents with similar interests.

The resident garden club also holds informative social events with local experts on interesting topics. Upcoming activities include a bus tour to a pollinator field project, an indoor honey tasting, and a field trip to the Paws Farm in Mount Laurel. 

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