Yesterday, a Lanier Village Estates resident with a very special story was featured on Atlanta television.

NBC-affiliate "11Alive" (WXIA-Channel 11) drove all the way to Gainesville for the exclusive story, meeting for a heartfelt sit-down.

Amos H. Bomberger, II, or simply "Hess," as he is known by friends and family, is a World War II vet who had knew he loved planes from early childhood, got his wings relatively early in life. He learned to fly commercially in his early twenties, as he told the station, and by the late 1930s, he knew he was ready for more.

"I just always knew I loved planes," he said, with passion. "Everything about them."

Continuing his lifelong interest in aviation, Bomberger then enlisted in the Air Force, eventually making it over to Europe for a tour during World War II, where he saw active combat but was lucky enough to tell the tale years later. He would spend a total of 20 years in the Air Force, flying more than 30 different types of planes, from P-47s to B-52s.

Now 97 years of age, Mr. Bomberger reflects back on his service days with pride. Amazingly enough, he not only still owns his original Air Force uniform, helmet, gas mask and goggles -- but they're all in impeccable shape, more than 75 years later!

Lanier Village Estates, Bomberger's home, was not mentioned, but he has lived here for close to two decades.

The 2-minute-long video interview was broadcast with an evening segment yesterday on Atlanta's WXIA-11 TV, and a recorded link was posted to 11 Alive's website, which you can watch here.