Within every Acts community, it isn’t hard to find amazing residents that demonstrate “loving kindness.”

Hilda Bell, 95 years old, a lifelong artist and educator, is one such example of amazing talent.

Bell, originally from Connecticut, moved to Georgia in the early 1940s. A Lanier Village Estates resident, her artistic talent can be witnessed through beautiful works of carved-and-painted wood, from four-foot long chains, intricate nativity scenes, to realistic heads of Native-themed art, and more.

In our interview, Mrs. Bell discusses how she got into woodcarving, originally picking it up in 1982, after overhearing a fellow artist announce that she’d soon be teaching a class.

A longtime painter, Hilda decided to try woodcarving on a whim, as it was new to her, but soon fell in love with this artistic endeavor also. Mrs. Bell would spend the next three-and-a-half decades carving hundreds of woodblocks into full-fledged works of art, eventually beginning teaching to friends and family.                                                                                                                                            

Bell has used art to fulfill her passions throughout her life, and demonstrates “loving kindness” through a gift that she shares with others.

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