Edgewater at Boca Pointe held its first Wisdom Circle with Rabbi Moshe Wolvovsky, who visits numerous senior living communities in Boca Raton. About 40 Edgewater residents and team members shared an hour together at Rabbi Moshe’s class in October, inspired by his encouraging message of strength, hope and the importance of community.

Rabbi Moshe’s Wisdom Circle gives seniors the opportunity to learn, explore and reflect on ideas about Jewish history, tradition, and values. Several attendees said the first event was a positive, uplifting experience.

“People always ask me, ‘Where’s your shul, where’s your synagogue?’ and I feel that it is right in this room. My role is to bring the synagogue to people who are unable to go,” said Rabbi Moshe.

“It’s not only synagogue,” he added. “Wisdom Circle is a program we offer to local independent and assisted living retirement communities, to spend an hour together sharing messages of encouragement, positivity, and purpose.”

“We are very happy to have Rabbi Moshe; he’s a wonderful addition to the Edgewater family,” said resident Alice Struhl.

“It’s so important for spiritual strength, for anybody, because he knows how to talk to the general community,” said resident Jane Lenzen, who along with Alice, helped bring the Wisdom Circle to campus. “His stories are so educational and inspiring; he’s a very special man.”

Jane Lenzen, Alice Struhl, Rabbi Moshe

“There has been an incredible response,” said Rabbi Moshe, a father of five who is also a Boca Pointe resident. “I feel that part of its success is due to the sense of community that we have, as we relate to each other. This way,  the message we discuss resonates more.”

Rabbi Moshe shares his fascinating insights through stories, offering historical perspectives, and open, thoughtful discussion. Wisdom Circle has truly inspired many Edgewater residents who can’t wait to sign up for the next monthly meet up.

“It’s the wonderful stories he tells, we are mesmerized with his stories of what happened years ago, from the Bible or not, just powerful storytelling,” Alice said.

“The program is designed to use stories to convey messages of meaning and purpose. Matters that relate to all of us” said Rabbi Moshe, who invites all residents to Wisdom Circle. “Every resident should be able to participate and feel that 'these lessons add meaning and positivity to my life.”

Alice agreed, “Whether you’re Jewish or not, everybody benefits from the universal messages, every human being.”

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