Five veterans and seniors from St. Andrews Estates had the opportunity to fly in the open cockpit of Ageless Aviation Dream Foundation's a vintage WWII era biplane in Boca Raton, Florida.

CBS 12 in West Palm Beach met up with these adventurous residents who enjoyed the flight of a lifetime. Watch the full report below. The seniors also received coverage from the Sun Sentinel and Boca Newspaper.

Before their dream flights, CBS 12's Rosie Woods spoke to WWII veteran Ed Skolin, who once flew massive anti-submarine blimps for the U.S. Navy seventy years ago.

WWII veterans take flight again in Boca Raton

Six Boca Raton seniors citizens are preparing to take flight this afternoon in World War II Era planes.CBS 12's Rosie Woods spoke to two of the six retired World War Two vets earlier this week. They told her they are so excited to be getting a chance to fl


Boca Raton seniors take 'dream flights' in WWII-era biplane

Five seniors from St. Andrews Estates in Boca Raton recently got to soar 1,000 feet above the Boca Raton airport in the open cockpit of a World War II-era biplane. The nonprofit organization Ageless Aviation Dreams Foundation provided the 15-to 20-minute flights in the aircraft that were used to train aviators in the 1930 and '40s.