Fairhaven, an Acts Retirement-Life Community in Sykesville, Maryland, has become more than just a residence for Gwen and Ron Grubb – it's a new easier lifestyle providing comfort, community, and care. The couple, who made the move in August 2022, shared their insights on what makes Fairhaven the ideal place for their retirement.

Discovering Fairhaven

Their journey to Fairhaven began with a recommendation from friends who had explored the community. "We are from the area, and some friends had been to Fairhaven. They asked us if we had visited, and upon doing so, we found it to be a perfect fit," Gwen Grubb said.

"We had already signed up to move to a different place, but after our visit to Fairhaven, this was a much better fit for us," Ron Grubb added. "I am not an apartment dweller, and Fairhaven's cottages and villas were a perfect solution."

A Better Fit for Their Lifestyle

Ron emphasizes the importance of having a space that suits their needs. "The villa had more square footage than our previous house and provided the space and privacy we needed."

Gwen said their new place is so spacious it can host get-togethers and holidays with their family.

"Our children endorsed it completely," Gwen added. "Our daughter said it gives us plenty of space and all the privacy we needed. The villa had a sunroom, which I absolutely love, and it just felt like a perfect home."

Life Care and Peace of Mind

Another big factor in their decision to move to Fairhaven, is the ability to prearrange future healthcare if it's ever needed.

"We wanted continuous care. Having experienced the need for assisted living with Ron's parents, it greatly influenced our decision." Gwen said. "Fairhaven's lifecare model, without significant fee increases for higher levels of care, was crucial for us."

Ron did not want his children to have to make a difficult decision later on.

"We wanted to make the decision ourselves, not leave it up to our children. It's a gift to them, knowing we're well taken care of," he said.

Embracing Community Life

Gwen has fully embraced community life at Fairhaven, being involved in various activities. "I volunteer at the market, sing in the choir, and recently, I've been elected as the secretary of the Fairhaven Residency Association," she said. "It's been a fantastic experience making friends and immersing myself in the community."

Ron, who describes himself as less social than Gwen, appreciates the flexibility that community living has to offer. "You don't have to be into everything," he said. "You can do what you want to do. We have a terrific woodshop here, and I also enjoy dining at the community restaurants, developing friendships at our own pace."

Advice for Those Considering a Move

When asked about advice for those considering a move, Gwen said, "Don't wait too long. Do it when you're together as a couple. Establish friendships, so the community knows you both. It's a gift to your children."

Ron emphasizes the practical benefits, and said, "You're afforded things here that you wouldn't have in your own house. It takes the worries out of it. You don't have to be Mr. Fix it, and you don't have to pay for it. It's built in."

The couple also expressed excitement over Fairhaven's recent renovations and how in hindsight, it was the perfect time to move in.

"We love the green space," Gwen said. "Our new home is just perfect, better than our other house. It just feels like home. You can't ask for much more than that."

Ron added, "Our kids really endorsed it. It's been very good."

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