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Ann Flynn: Not Slowing Down at 100

By Brian Donathan, Communications Manager

Ann Flynn had two main criteria when it came to choosing a retirement community: “a Christian atmosphere and a good exercise program.”

Ann, who turned 100 years young in March, jokes that her life-long desire to stay fit and active stems from having an older, “slim” sister.

The New Jersey native chose Country House in Wilmington, Delaware, as her retirement destination nearly 20 years ago and has been heavily involved in the community since the day she walked in the door.

She is a regular at Fitness Instructor Deborah Heald’s aerobics class, which meets three times a week.

“She is an excellent role model through mind, body and spirit,” says Deborah. “She is very sweet and humble.”

Ann not only enjoys the exercise program at Country House; she’s always looking for ways to stay involved, whether by joining groups or through volunteering.

She started out helping in the health centers. She has worked in the gift shop for over 11 years. Ann learned how to knit and even took up Wii bowling - becoming good enough to take 1st place in a competition, she adds with a laugh.

Ann also attends chapel every Sunday.

“I wanted to keep busy and Country House seemed to have everything I wanted,” she says. “I enjoy the people. They’re very nice.”

Ann’s husband of 43 years, Walter, passed before she made the decision to sell their home in Little Falls, New Jersey.

Walter had been a professor at Fairleigh Dickinson University for 30 years, and she makes a point to note that the school’s pension plan helped make it feasible for her to move into Country House.

“I made the decision to come here,” Ann says. “I had to think of myself. I have family, but I made the decision to come here.”

She adds it was important that she could “keep busy and not sit quietly someplace” as she aged.

“You gain a greater family here,” Ann adds.

“There must be something… the atmosphere… that encourages us to live.”