By Jonathan Souder
Fitness Director, Manor House

We all have an inner voice. Is your inner voice positive or negative? Is your perception of yourself positive or negative? I have the opportunity with my job as a fitness trainer to be around people the majority of my workday. People tend to steer toward negativity and criticism. Some of this criticism or critiquing is needed. It makes us improve the world around us. We need to find the right balance though between our positive and negative thoughts.

This is very important to remember when trying to live healthy. Do you have positive thoughts toward eating healthy and exercising? Or do you scold yourself for missing a workout or eating unhealthy? Choose to speak positive words to your inner self about exercising and living healthy. For some people, this will be a big change that requires small steps to achieve. Here’s a few tips from ACE (American Council on Exercise) to help:

  • Clarify the change. Determine your end goal and write down the change desired. Writing it down will help to hold you accountable. For example, I will choose to think and speak positive about my health.
  • Make a timeline and be specific.  Identify how and when you will start the process of changing. A timeline can keep you on task as you work towards your end goal.
  • Determine your action steps. Write down a series of small action steps on the timeline that can help you reach your goal. 
  • Fill in the blanks. When you’re working towards the change, take the time to be in the present moment and understand why you’re desiring to change. This will help you stick with the plan.
  • Enjoy the journey. Some of our most valuable memories, lessons and experiences happen on the journey towards our goal. I’ve always said that living well and staying positive is a journey and not a destination. We have to choose every day to eat well, sleep well, exercise and remain a positive thinker. Be proud of your daily personal health accomplishments and then wake up the next day ready to start all over again. 

Use these small steps to help you achieve your big change of speaking positive words to yourself and others. Here’s to your positive inner voice.